International Applications Appointed as UK Partner for Etalon

International Applications (IAL), have recently been appointed as the UK distributor for Etalon products. Etalon offers refinish specialists a range of clearcoats, fillers and consumables that are not just alternatives to existing products on the market, but are a selection of the best materials that are currently being produced today.

From its conception, the goal of the Etalon brand was very clear, to provide a full system of refinish products covering the everyday needs of the automotive professional. Etalon understand that ‘process time really is money’ for bodyshops therefore many of the products introduced to the range have been developed to save time through the repair process without compromising quality.

The brand has grown from strength to strength over the past 14 years and is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide. The breadth of range now features fillers, primers, clearcoats, abrasives, tapes, booth protection, polishing systems and personal protection products.

One of the newest and most innovative products added to the range is a Booth Masking Film, a specialist film designed to protect the internal sides of spray booths from overspray and dirt. Unlike other booth masking films on the market, it is extremely easy to use and does not require any specialist applicators to apply. Made up of 5 layers, once covered in overspray the top layer can simply be peeled away to reveal a fresh layer of virgin film. Joining tapes are not used within the masking system so panels of film can be replaced independently without having to peel layers off an entire wall.

IAL’s MD Llewelyn Mulder commented “These are exciting times for IAL. At present there are so many brands on the market, but the Etalon brand is slightly different as it has the true needs of the repairer at the heart of its products. This focus has resulted in a range that not only offers repairers innovation but also savings in time. We are extremely honoured to be partnering with Etalon and can’t wait to establish the brand in the UK market.”

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