A name renowned for providing the perfect finish no matter what the substrate, Allchem has been manufacturing polishing solutions in Italy since its humble beginnings in 1957.

Originally developing products for Italian bodyshops, Allchem’s Virtus range has greatly expanded over the years and now offers polishing systems and solutions to a wide spectrum of manufacturing and refinishing sectors across numerous industries. The range is firmly established in OEMs and its tier one and tier two suppliers and equally well respected within the marine industry.

Years of research into nanotechnologies, along with continuous development by their research team, have led to the creation of a range of highly professional polishes and accessories, that offer hologram free polishing, guaranteed results and maximum respect for the environment.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Italy, Skeletime is the ultimate interface pad for flexible sanding.

Allowing both flat and curved surfaces to be reached easily, Skeletime interface pads make the sanding process homogeneous and smooth, even on the most complex shapes.

Skeletime’s main feature is that it is flexible, but also has an integrated ridged back up pad which allows the operator to work perfectly on the whole surface being sanded, effectively removing flaws such as nibs and hollows.

Available in a range of hardnesses and sizes, Skeletime interface pads can be used for flatting putty and primer, for the removal of orange peel and can reduce process time.

487 UHD Ultra High Definition Hologram Free Polish is a fast cutting liquid abrasive for the removal of deep and medium sized defects from P1200-P1500.

Ideal for all automotive paints and yacht gelcoats, it offers a fast single step system that is easy to apply with reduced product consumption.

  • Easy application
  • Long lasting, powerful cut
  • Time saving
  • Low consumption
  • No drying
  • No splattering
  • No dusting

426 Gel Rubbing Compound is a fast cut liquid abrasive compound for removing painting defects, such as sanding marks, car wash scratches and paint oxidation.

Specially designed for quick and easy use without water, its unique formula removes scratches permanently, as opposed to hiding imperfections with cosmetic oil.

Its transparent nature also allows you to see the removal of the flaw immediately, reducing working time.

  • No haze
  • High gloss finish
  • Fast polishing
  • 2 in 1 - removes sanding marks and polishes at the same time.

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