Exclusive to IAL in the UK, Kovax is Europe's fastest-growing brand of abrasives and the number one brand in Asia. Offering the most complete, innovative and up-to-date product range in the market, Kovax abrasives are long-lasting with a fast, uniform cut. They improve efficiency, speeding up sanding by up to 50% and reduce material costs dramatically. Used in automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial and woodworking, Kovax discs, sheets, film, pads and tools cover the entire sanding and polishing process.

  • ✔   Improves efficiency
  • ✔   Speeds up sanding by up to 50%
  • ✔   Reduce material costs

Who are Kovax?

Producer and supplier of innovative and time saving quality abrasives for more than 85 years, Kovax headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Tokyo, Japan. All its European customers are serviced from the European head office in Almelo, Netherlands.

The enormous amount of knowledge Kovax has gained over the years, in combination with one of the most modern factories worldwide, enables Kovax to deliver products, that not only save time, but also never fail to produce remarkable results. Since its foundation in 1930, Kovax has become the undisputed number one abrasives brand in Asia. In Europe, a yearly growth up to 20% in a complicated, conservative and highly competitive market is just further proof of the unique and unrivalled Japanese quality.

Thanks to years of research and development, Kovax products are not only used in the automotive industry, but they have also been adopted in the wood, OEM and yacht industries.



The number 1 solution when sanding hard putty and metal.

  • Extremely Hard Grain
  • Open Structure
  • Extremely Durable
  • P60-P180

Maxcut products have specially hardened aluminium oxide grains, which score 9.8 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Compared to the hardest mineral, which is industrial produced diamond with a score of 10, this is nearly the hardest existing mineral and thus perfectly suited for extremely hard sanding work. Clogging is prevented due to its open structure increasing the longevity of the material.





Price performance winner for the complete preparation process up to the application of basecoat. Ideal for metal sanding, removing old layers, putty sanding and primer sanding.

  • Price Performance winner
  • Very Aggressive
  • Uniform Scratches
  • P60-P600

Tri-Pro can be used for all sanding steps, from sanding bare metal to sanding primer. The aggressiveness of Tri-Pro results in a high cutting power, at the same time the uniformity of the sanding scratches produces prevents intensive refinishing work. Clogging is prevented due to its open structure increasing the longevity of the material.




For the complete sanding process, from sanding bare metal to sanding primer.

  • High Cutting Power
  • Uniform Scratches
  • P40-P600

The aggressiveness of Premium products results in a high cutting power, at the same time the uniform sanding scratches prevent intensive refinishing.





Maximum durability for all your preparation process needs, from sanding bare metal to sanding putty and primer.

  • Long Durability
  • Uniform Scratches
  • Printed Grit Indication
  • P80-P600

The film backing of Maxfilm discs allows a more direct contact with the sanding surface and prevents the grains dropping into the backing. In combination with its anti-clogging coating, this results in a significantly longer sanding life.




The new and unique way of dry sanding. Uniformity and flexibility that will amaze.

  • Uniform Scratches
  • Up to 50% Time Saving
  • Extremely Flexible
  • K240-K1500

The innovative latex backing and unique grain structure of Super Assilex results in extremely uniform and shallow scratches. Maximum control during primer and topcoat sanding also allows up to 50% time saving. Super Assilex prevents potential problems in the rest of the sanding process.





Specially developed for e-coat and very hard mat clear coat sanding.

  • Extremely Durable
  • Diamond Grain
  • Anti-Clogging Coating

With its film backing, newly developed diamond gain and new generation 2.0 anti-clog coating, the Magic Disc is highly aggressive with a uniform scratch pattern and achieves an unrivalled durability on hard surfaces.



Yellow Film

The number 1 solution for blending zones, with the guarantee for a perfect non-visible transition from the old to the new clear coat.

  • Long Durability
  • Uniform Scratches
  • Anti-Clogging Coating
  • P800-P200

Yellow film discs are a unique combination of film backing and anti-burn coating, to provide the ultimate cool sanding process. Consequently, burning spots can be brought to a minimum and the risk of deep scratches reduced significantly. Yellow film is ideal for the removal of orange peel, for high gloss wood finish and for top coat sanding.




Tolex is a polish time reducing champion with a very fine sanding scratch.

  • A Complete Drying Sanding Process
  • Extremely Uniform Finish
  • Reduces Polishing Time
  • Decreases Risk of Rework

The special combination of micro grain used for the production of Tolex and its innovative latex backing, results in a sanding scratch of less than 1 Micron, a size that significantly reduces polishing time. Thanks to the dry sanding process, the risk of sanding through the clear coat is also brought to a minimum.





The world champion when it comes to dry imperfection removal.

  • Easy to Use
  • Extremely Fast
  • K800-K3000

Tolecut is a dry sanding imperfection removal system that ensures process safety and sanding through clear coat can be reduced to a minimum. Tolecut is unique in its cutting power and thanks to its flexibility when using the tolecard, is also suitable for concave and convex areas. It can also be the first choice for runs and larger irregularities when used with a Tolecut pad.




Buflex Dry

The finest abrasive for maximum polish time reduction.

  • Saves Polishing Time
  • Uniform Scratches
  • Maintain Paint Structure
  • K2000-K3000

Buflex’s ultra flexible, innovative latex backing with its unique grain structure ensures an extremely uniform fine sanding pattern. This combined with its specially developed female to female Velcro, ensures process safety and prevents scratches that would normally be caused by hard Velcro.



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